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The Hong Kong Kiteboarding Federation (HKKF) was established in December 2009 to promote the development of local kiteboarding sports. After a reorganisation of the Federation in 2019, it has officially become a member association of the Hong Kong Sailing Federation and accredited by the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) as the representative association for Hong Kong.

Kiteboarding has recently been included into the 2021 National Games, 2022 Asian Games, 2022 Youth Olympic Games and 2024 Olympic Games. With all these exciting events coming up, we are now also aim to train and develop local athletes in moving towards representing Hong Kong at international level!! 

The 2022 Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou in September. As an internationally recognized kiteboarding event, the Federation will actively train in the future to discover local potential and players who are interested in participating in the event.

Since kitefoiling competition is still in its infancy locally at this stage, our Federation will provide training and competition support assistance to friends who are interested in participating in various international competitions. However, it is necessary for one to be qualified with a valid Hong Kong SAR passport and with basic kitefoiling ability! 

Please feel free to contact us directly, everyone is welcome to provide comments. Your comments and support are already half of our success.  

香港風箏滑水聯會(HKKF)成立於2009年12月,以促進本地風箏滑水運動的發展。 經過2019年的聯會重組後,正式成為香港帆船總會的註册屬會,並得到了國際風箏滑水協會(IKA)的確認,成為香港的代表協會。

風箏滑水最近已被納入2021年全運會,2022年亞運會,2022年青年奧運會和2024年奧運會。 隨著這些激動人心的賽事的到來,我們現在還旨在培訓和發展本地運動員,以在國際水平上代表香港!


由於現階段本地的風箏競賽尚處於起步階段,我們的聯會將為有興趣參加各種國際競賽的朋友提供培訓和競賽支援。 不過,接受培訓或支援的選手必須持有有效的香港特別行政區護照和已掌握基本操控風箏水翼板的能力!

歡迎大家提供意見,直接與我們聯繫。 您的意見和支持已經是我們成功的一半。

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