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2019 Twin tips course racing 

Oct 20,2019

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2020 foilboard weekly race

July, 2020

With the view of Olympic 2024, Asian Games 2022 and National Games 2021 having kitefoiling included, the Hong Kong Kiteboarding Federation will focus and take a more serious attitude towards this discipline. With the goal of providing a starting platform for skills and experience development, regular practice session and practice race will be organised over the weekend. Details of actual arrangement to be confirm in the near future. Members are welcome to give comments or inquiries.
從2024年奧運會,2022年亞運會和2021年全運會都加入了風箏水翼項目的角度出發,香港風箏滑水聯會將會集中精力和對這一項目採取更加認真的態度。 為了提供一個技能和經驗開發的入門平台,將在周末組織定期的練習和練習賽。 實際安排的細節將在不久的將來得到確認。 歡迎會員發表評論或詢問

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Formula kite hydrofoil, Twin tips course racing, Freestyle and wave surfboard freestyle. 

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